we should reduce the water pollution

你好!reduce oneself into 陷入(更困难的处境)如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

Some poor people often struggle to have enough food to feed their family.His business has expanded to serve the entire state.The cell phone is thin and light and therefore very convenient to carry around.He try to get rid of his old books.Exports to

Reduce by 是减少了xxx比如:The price of apple has reduced by $1.Reduced to 是减少到了比如:The price of apple has reduced to $1.

reduce sb/sth from sth 使某人/某事物陷入某种(通常指更坏的)状态或状况中reduce sb from sth 降低某人的级别或地位;降职

reduce 减少的意思 英语:make less, decrease reduce= to cut down 同义词:cut down, step down, weaken (视情况而用)

reduce 动词 reduced reducingbe reduced to doing something 被迫做某事She was reduced to begging for her living.她被迫以乞讨为生.reduce someone to teats 使人流泪 reduce somebody/something to something 1

应该是you should never be reduced to.本句中的be reduced可翻译成:示弱,屈服

吸收 Dry earth absorbs water quickly.干土吸水很快.把…并入, 同化 They absorbed a great deal of the Roman culture.他们大量地吸收了罗马文化.吸引…的注意力, 使全神贯注 International affairs absorb his attention.他专心研究国际问题.

reduce [ri'dju:s, -'du:s] vt. 减少;降低;把…分解;使处于 vi. 减少;缩小;归纳为 [ 过去式reduced 过去分词reduced 现在分词reducing ] reduce [ri'dju:s; -'du:s] vt. 1. 减少;缩小;削减,缩减;精简: 例句: they have to reduce expenses this year.


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